Envoy and Submit2GM locations [Envoy 4.5.X+]

Envoy and Submit2GM locations [Envoy 4.5.X+]

Envoy is the uploader and the WWW interface acting as a render manager.
WINDOWS:   "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\GridMarkets\Envoy\gm_envoy.exe"
LINUX:   "~/.local/share/GridMarkets/Envoy/gm_envoy"
MAC OS:   "~/Library/Application\ Support/GridMarkets/Envoy/gm_envoy"

Submit2GM is installed automatically with Envoy. It connects your 3D app with Envoy.
WINDOWS:   "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\GridMarkets\Envoy\submit2gm\submit2gm.pyw"
LINUX:   "~/.local/share/GridMarkets/Envoy/submit2gm/submit2gm.pyw"
MAC OS:   "~/Library/Application\ Support/GridMarkets/Envoy/submit2gm/submit2gm.pyw"

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