Purchasing credits

Purchasing credits

Buying credits in Envoy (Stripe and PayPal)

As of October 2021, GridMarkets has shifted its payment platform from PayPal to Stripe.  If you buy credits via our Stripe option, which is integrated into Envoy and into gridmarkets.com, the credits will instantly and automatically show up into your account.

If there is some reason why you prefer to pay via PayPal, use this link: https://portal.gridmarkets.com/init/buy_credits?provider=paypal

Alternate ways to purchase credits

If you are unable to purchase credits via credit card, then you can transfer the funds to any of our bank accounts globally. Though please note that the time it takes for us to receive the funds will vary depending on your country and transfer method.  Credits will added to your account only once we have confirmed receipt of the funds and net of any outgoing or incoming bank charges.
Please include your GridMarkets login email in the payment reference so we can credit the right account.  Failure to do so may delay crediting your account.

The bank account details for each country are:
Bank: Community Federal Savings Bank
Account name: GridMarkets Limited
USD account no: 8600001441
ACH Routing: 026073150
Account Type: Checking
Bank address: Fl 14, 5 Penn Plz
                        New York City
                        NY 10001 USA
Please email us at support@gridmarkets.com once you have made the transfer with proof of payment.

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