HOUDINI - Troubleshooting in general

HOUDINI - Troubleshooting in general

Where in the process does the submission fail?

  1. If a Houdini error is reported on hitting Submit in the render_submit ROP then please provide the error text or a screenshot to support@gridmarkets.com.
  2. If the Preflight doesn't appear the ensure you're logged into Envoy.
  3. If that still doesn't work then delete and put down a new render_submit ROP and, if necessary, delete & reinstall the HDAs from Envoy's Plugins menu.
  4. If the Launcher hangs or there's a Houdini error, then please send the gm_houdini.log file that can be found in:
    • Windows - $HOME\houdini\X.X\gridmarkets
    • Mac - ~/Library/Preferences/houdini/X.X/gridmarkets
    • Linux - ~/houdini/X.X/gridmarkets

Do you have connectivity?

If the Launcher hangs before it displays your credits or the applications to be run, then please check your connectivity.

Can't login to Envoy?

  1. Ensure you have entered the correct email ID and password, and NOT the Access Key that you'd provide to your clients and collaborators 

Can't upload any files?

If there is no upload progress reported in the Launcher:
  1. Check that you are still logged into Envoy, as per above;
  2. See if there is any progress in the Envoy log;
  3. Send the Envoy log to support@gridmarkets.com.

No job started confirmation after upload completes?

If you don't see the following dialog after submitting a job:

Did you select "Start Render Jobs" in the pre-flight?  If not then select the "Advanced" tab in the GridMarkets Render Submit ROP and select "Create Jobs When Resubmitting Last Render" and hit "Resubmit Last Render".

You can optionally also select "Load Cached Preflight Data" to skip the pre-flight check.  If that still doesn't work then please send the gm_houdini.log (see above) in a ticket.

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