Overdraft limit explained [Envoy 4.0.X+]

Overdraft limit explained [Envoy 4.0.X+]

There is an Overdraft limit set on our side.  It's effectively a loan of credits that is set by GridMarkets management system. Among other factors, the limit is a function of the frequency and sizes of GridMarkets submissions over time. Please go to the Profile section of Envoy to preview its value:

When your credit balance reaches zero the job is suspended. GridMarkets adds limited number of credits to your account to help avoid stopping or ceasing the rendering of your job immediately

In the example below, the Credit Overdraft Limit is set to 5 [1]. This means that GridMarkets will loan up to 5 credits once your credit balance reaches zero. This "loan" provides you with extra time to top up your account - so as to prevent job suspending and stopping the job:

When you top up your account, any credits loaned will first be paid back, and any remaining credits purchased will then be added to your account. For example, suppose your credit overdraft is 5, and you have consumed all 5 of those credits. Then, if you were to purchase 20 credits, 5 will be used to repay the credit overdraft loan. The balance, 15 credits, will then be added to your account - giving you a credit balance of 15.
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